Assignment: Create a $14.99 play set for the Tonka Climb-Overs line of motorized vehicles.

The first concept works conceptually…














…but testing the track proved frustrating as the vehicles were not able to push the skull and got jammed.















T-Rex Summit was born! Instead of pushing the skull, the skull became a cool bridge to adventure across as it moved up and down.















Mock-up proves function and playability, it works!















Storyboard details to convey functions to Hong Kong engineering team.















Time to gather reference images to get all the details just right.















Control drawings!















Sculpting details and assembly suggestions so that item fits in predetermined box size.















Operation details for the engineers to work out.















The track is made to split apart, but how will bridge work afterwards? Let’s attach the two pieces with a melting ice stream!















First hand sample arrives, functions all test well. Color call outs overlayed.

Unfortunately, this is as far as this project made it before the plug was pulled on the Climb-Overs line due to low sales numbers. Another concept ahead of it’s time!