The concept: embark upon an adventure with an Indiana Jones styled play set though a lost Incan pyramid! Price point of $64.99. Of course, no well designed toy begins without proper research.














The story: can you raid Inca’s pyramid and escape with your life?! Venture in at your own risk as you encounter grappling hands and smashing fists!  Beware falling archways and trap doors sending you on the wrong path to certain doom! -Intended for a $65 retail price range.













Here’s the proof of concept foam core study model on top of a very busy work desk. Unfortunately, this was the end of the line for development of this item. The Tonka Climb-Overs line proved too far ahead of its time and was discontinued before this design could see the light of day. This concept will have to wait for another opportunity in the future. -But hopefully not for another thousand years!