Here’s a collection of motorized 4×4 vehicles I designed for a line called “Climb-Overs” from Tonka. Unfortunately line was discontinued before most of these could make it to the store shelves.

The first is a lave rescue themed truck.













Here’s a partial view of the deco and tampos.
















No revision is too small!















Hand sample, direct from Hong Kong!















A 4×4 cement mixer? Sure, you never know when you’ll need to lay that driveway for your log cabin!















Here’s another partial view of the deco and tampos.















Assignment: re-deco this existing garbage truck and make it into a completely different vehicle!















Volcano Research anyone? Here’s how it happened with deco and tampo changes.















Control drawings for a simple 4×4 pick up truck. Notice the concept in the upper right corner included for sculpting reference.














A typical example of a revision drawing to tidy up details…
















This one saw production!