This character driven play set began life as a stunt performance challenge!

Rough sketch development started with concepts such as Ramp Attack, a 4 way head to head destruction challenge. These were illustrated in a dynamic fashion to instill enthusiasm and convey intended excitement and thrills from the play set design.












Cyclone Challenge was the genesis of what essentially became the final functional design -get past the rotating arms and destroy the center. Innovative features included grappling claws which allowed kids to add anything they wanted to the fun, including other cars or toys!












Proof of concept is always critical when designing a play set built on performance. Photo shows design footprint, structure, and proof that it’s fun to play with!














Adding features into Cyclone Challenge proved to make it a winner for playability, however focus testing groups didn’t think a generic machine was enough of a nemesis to pose a real threat. More drama was asked for which worked for me!














Robosaurus was an actual car crushing robot used in the real life performance arena. Adding him into the play set made perfect sense thematically and gave the play set much needed height. However the licensors thought his time had past.













In studying the licensor’s new vehicle styling updates, it became clear that this robot needed to be styled after “Maximum Destruction” -one of the most popular trucks in the lineup which fans loved. This theme also featured a robot of destruction!














Exploded part drawing.















The finished product. I found out later that this turned out to be a top selling item!