“Dream Machines” is a concept I created for an animated TV series I hope to see on the air one day!

This our protagonist “Rod”. In everyday life, he’s an ordinary kid and loves comic books, video games, and hot rods. In the dream world however he fights for planet Earth in the Galactic Games of Commerce. What he thought was a fantastic dream, actually turns out to be real! He soon learns the meaning of perseverance, responsibility, and true friendship.












Dream world constructs are built upon the interests and passions of each dream warrior. The dream racer is Rod’s primary ship he uses for races and vehicle combat.














Meet Tungusta, the dream warrior representing the Gorgon home world and Rod’s best friend. Although competing against him on a regular basis can cause some friction in their friendship, in the end they are each other’s best allie in the games.

Because of his short legs and long arms, he is usually seen getting around by propelling himself with his arms while sitting atop his big ball.











Tungusta’s dream racer consists of two high grade fusion reactors, top mounted antenna, and a dual chambered vortex engine for vectored thrust steering. The ball located on the bottom of the ship also makes it handy for land based travel under the radar when necessary.














Zorn is Rod’s main adversary in the games. He is a ruthless enemy who will lie, steal, and cheat his way to victory every time. He wears his gold championship belt and armor as the reigning victor of the past few years, and gloats about it at every chance he gets.

Soon his greed will be shown as his downfall as Rod, Tungusta, and other dream warriors plan on exploiting this weakness to bring him down!
















Zorn’s dream ship is a barely legal suped-up uni-pod racer with plenty of hidden gadgets to ensure victory. His wealthy planet has spared no expense to make this the top of the line vessel the competition. It is a dangerous ship to match a formidable foe.