New Frontiers

New Frontiers

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After working on Tonka at Funrise Toys for nearly 3 years, it’s time to head out into the great frontier of toy design. Being laid off fits no one’s hopes and dreams for the future, however I can’t deny that it does bring about excitement of what it to come. Working at Funrise was a great experience, filled with fond memories of fantastically talented people. I’ll definitely miss all those familiar faces.

As my professional journey continues, I’ll be exploring both full time and freelance opportunities. I’ve been tapping old friends and contacts, and I have to admit that I probably wouldn’t be speaking with them so soon if life were not pushing me in their direction -which is a wonderful thing. They have all been so encouraging and supportive, it’s been fantastic catching up with all of them. Special thanks to Gerry Cody and Mike Finizza over at Mattel who have already helped beyond my expectations.

I’ll be updating what’s up with me on this blog in the future so come on back now ‘ya hear?!


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