Crazy Blender Packaging Illustration is out!

Now who wouldn’t want an exploding blender to play with? Here’s a packaging illustration I created to bring this popular UK game to the States. MGA was looking for a whole new concept to really sell the fun and excitement … Read More

Hot Hoops Packaging Illustration is out!

Hot Hoops is a mulit-ball 2 player game of mini-basketball. After playing with the game for a little while I found that scoring was really challenging and fun. I wanted to capture this in the illustration through a composition that … Read More

Crazy Toaster Packaging illustration is out!

What happens when crazy toast comes flying out of the toaster? Crazy Toaster! Catch matching toast onto your plate and assemble a winning breakfast! The goal of the illustration was to capture the fun and concept of the game without … Read More

Tonka Tinys Playsets!

After spending some solid time at MGA working on packaging illustrations and some product design I’m finally moving on. -It was great working with them. In the meantime, some of my packaging illustrations came out for Tonka Tinys! It was … Read More

January Commission: Packaging Illustrations!

It’s great to be in demand, and this month I’ll be working from my studio producing a series of packaging illustrations for MGA! The call is for updating a few existing games with new illustrations and creating some for all … Read More

I’m booked for MGA!

I’ll be freelancing at MGA for a few weeks and probably through the end of the year. Wow, this year went by fast. Those obnoxious party favors will be here before you know it! 8)

New Frontiers

After working on Tonka at Funrise Toys for nearly 3 years, it’s time to head out into the great frontier of toy design. Being laid off fits no one’s hopes and dreams for the future, however I can’t deny that … Read More