At home in New Zealand!!

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So after months of planning my wife and I have finally arrived in our new home: Auckland, New Zealand! Definitely the biggest move of my life, and I’m happy to say one of the most satisfying. The people here are warm and friendly, the air is crisp and clean, and there is this strange substance often falling from the sky -they call it “rain”! Yes, it rains every few days or so here and it’s spectacular to see some real weather for a change. They even have wind which comes and goes as well. LA is great, but variety is so nice to see.

I’ll be working from here indefinitely, but am still working with my clients in Los Angeles and undertaking new projects. The miracle of the internet makes it easy to stay connected, and after settling in for the past 3 weeks I am getting started today! I’m back with MGA working more wonderful packaging illustration and looking forward to taking on much more in the near future.

Talk to you soon from the land of Kiwis! Until then enjoy more beautiful pics of my new town.

The Sky tower, not too far from my place!

The local beaches which I hope to get out to soon. Watch out for sand fleas, I hear they are a nasty bunch to deal with!


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